About 4th Dimension In Art

We at 4th Dimension In Art endeavor to revive and reveal the aura of Mughal and Persian art through our fine spectrum of stones. We are a prominent manufacturer of marble, wooden, corian and inlays in various mediums in the form of Table Tops, Wall Panels, Jaalis, Borders, Furniture, Partitions, Fall Ceiling Panels, Floorings, Tiles, Artifacts, Carvings, Jewelry Boxes, Lamps, Mirror Frames, Photo Frames, Wall Clocks, Wall Hangings, Door Handles, Accessories, etc.



The exquisite art of inlaying semiprecious stones in marble known as "Parchin Kari" was first introduced in India in the 17th century by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. For centuries this traditional art has been handed down from one generation to another craftsman, who gave the world the magnificent "Taj Mahal".

4th Dimension In Art, has continued this great tradition of art with the same passion and flair. The company is a consortium of highly skilled master craftsmen who create wonderful objects of marble inlay renowned for their unrivalled aesthetic beauty and workmanship.

It has also broadened the horizons of the art and taken it to various other mediums like wood, metal and corian. Services for routing are also offered on a varied range of medium like plywood, ACP, MDF etc.


About ABDUL SATTAR KAGZI  (Graphic Designing Award Winner, Specialised In Designing ...)

Mr. ABDUL SATTAR KAGZI was born on March 30, 1983. He learned the techniques of designing at a very early age and received Graphic Designing Award in the year 1996. After seeing his outstanding designing skills Mr. Iqbal Ahmed decided to incorporate him in to the business of marble inlay. Within no span of time he had performed a remarkable, outstanding output which is very much noticeable. Now he is been assigned with many other duties, which he is handling it very efficiently